Monday, September 24, 2012

The Cuteness of Young Friendships

I listen to my kids every night at dinner time as we sit around the dinner table to enjoy a nice meal. The conversations revolve around school if on a school day and if not the conversation revolves around random mumblings of the three kiddos. Each loves to share whatever they feel like sharing because they have my full 100% undivided attention.

As each child talks, I can tell the difference between not only genders but also ages. My youngest is friends with everyone and loves everyone. My middle child really prefers boys over girls but does love our neighbor who sits next to him in class, but he says that's the only girl he loves.  My oldest is way opposite, at times she talks like everyone hates her. At times she talks like she doesn't' fit in then other times she only focuses on talking about her best friend.

Young friendships are so cute because they are fresh and new to the kiddos. Each has their own traits they seek out in friends; for my youngest I suppose he just enjoys the company of all his preschool friends while the other two children seem to flock to people that are like them or understand who they are as an individual.

I am having fun watching as each child grows and learns more about real friendships and of course it's great to see that they love having friends over and enjoy the ability to have such get togethers at home with their friends.