Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Refuse to Go Back to Sleep

I made a vision board, just a simple little one with various things on it and I have been staring at it each day I sit in my office. The other day I realized that one of the things on there has come true,another has come true in a way I wasn't really expecting and others should follow soon.

It's amazing how your mind can truly change things around you. I keep going back to the idea of The Secret which shares the Law of Attraction; the universe really does give you everything you want if you truly can envision it in your world.

I know that my mind is rested and my shoulders less tense because the power of my thoughts has come back full force and I refuse to let it go. Being sick for four days really changed my attitude and outlook on things in life, it seems it awakened me again and now I refuse to go back to sleep.