Thursday, September 6, 2012

Having Faith in Something Gives Us Strength and Fuel For Life

Finding faith has really helped me to stay strong and calm during times of craziness in my house. You see, I never feel 100% settled in my life and I don't mean content, for I always feel somewhat content in my world but I want to feel more. I know there is more to life than just living the motions of day to day living.

Don't get me wrong, I never have nor do I now dream of any fairy tale life with white picket fences, a handsome prince on a horse drawn carriage or anything like that. I don't even dream of heavy romance and crazy gestures from the heart, I simply want to love, live and smile. I know what it takes to make me tick and make me happiest.

I have spent years focusing on me, and ensuring that me is not lost during the days of parenting. Sure there are days when I am off and I feel a bit lost and wonder where the strength will come from and then it happens, each night I lay down to thank God for another day, another breath and wish that he gives me more beautiful days to live and move forward in my life.


Each day I wake up calm, refreshed and feeling more alive than I did the day before, but this feeling only happens most when I have prayed the night before or thanked God, even if I wasn't "praying" per say.  Now I am a person who never believed nor didn't believe in God, but I recall growing up that my Gram always said what's missing in this world of raising children is religion; something to have them believe in, a set of morals to live by and standards that are better than what some of society tries to push on kids (and parents) these days. {not a direct quote of what my Gram said, I am paraphrasing}

Now that I am on my own spiritual journey I can honestly say that my Gram had something going with what she said many years ago to me about religion for every day I wake up wanting to stand strong in my morals I already had. The thing is I don't question my beliefs and morals as much as I used to, I no longer worry as much about everyone else, I simply make sure that I am making the best decisions for myself and my children because after all, those are the only people I am responsible for in my life.

I will continue to thank God each night I lay down to sleep because he has given me an amazing feeling and whether you believe in God or not, having some forn of belief system, faith in something can really help you to reach higher in life and be the best you can be! So whatever it is that holds you accountable and makes you feel stronger, keep at it, everyone needs a bit of faith and belief in something, it gives us hope and fuel to move on!