Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where is the Glue that Holds Mom Together

She wakes up and drags herself into the kitchen, hitting the brew button on the coffee maker as she stumbles to find the light switch. Tripping over a matchbox car that was left there the night before, she curses out loud "what the fuck, why can't things just be taken care of?".  It is unlike her to curse so loudly and to drop such a foul word but time has worn on this woman, she is ready to snap.

Just as the smell of coffee is starting to fill up the house she hears footsteps, they are coming from the bedrooms of her sweet, loving children. These children smile and give their Mom a big hug, they love her so dearly but can't understand why Mom has purple/grey under her eyes and seems to wear a frown more than a smile these days.

She fights to smile for them, because if not for them she wouldn't be where she is in this world but she is just about to give up. She won't give up on life, no that thought has never crossed her mind, but she just wants to throw in the towel with her world, run away with the kids to a new place, start over, a clean slate. The times are tough and each passing day brings new challenges.

They say Mom's are the glue that hold the family together, but where is the glue that holds the Mom together? Mom is doing everything for everyone else, laundry almost daily, dishes daily, dinner daily, sweeping and dusting but where is her massage and her loving care? Who is making sure that Mom is staying strong and her shoulders are not turning into boulders? Forgot the shoulders, who is making sure Mom is getting the sleep she needs to get rid of those purple/grey bags under her eyes that her children remind her daily of having?

No one. It's just Mom. And that is how it always seems to work best because when Mom is just Mom, she is stronger, she is determined and she has more focus than ever before. Mom, just Mom, does well alone with her children because with more than just her children she feels lonelier, she feels drained and she just wants someone else to pick up some slack once in awhile.