Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What About Getting Married in Sunset Kahili

I never wanted a huge wedding but I did some where along the line in my adult life become obsessed with getting married in Hawaii, of course I had no clue where this would happen in Hawaii, after all isn't all of Hawaii called Hawaii? No, indeed that is the state and places like Sunset Kahili are the towns or cities within the state.  I never said I was good with geography.

When I started looking up places in Hawaii, because that's what you do when you get a dream to do something, right? I found a beautiful place called Sunset Kahili Condos where you can stay in Hawaii for things like I want to do, get married. Oh wait, I need a man to do that don't I? Well he will come later - maybe I will just marry myself. Now that would be a fun wedding day!

Ocean and sunset views? Okay I am sold, I have never sat and watched a sunset, never been with someone romantic enough to snuggle up to watch such a sunset and to experience that in Hawaii? Oh my goodness, yes please! Within walking distance to Poipu Beach, sounds like a really cool beach to check out while in Hawaii and maybe it's a cute beach to get married on? Whatever reason it is you want to go to Hawaii just be sure to check out Sunset Kahili Condos as one of your options of places to stay because the website makes it look really super awesome!