Sunday, August 5, 2012

Practing Good Listening Skills

I all too often forget that I am not that great of a listener at times. I mean well and I try but I talk way too much and my lack of memory makes it so if I don't say what pops into my brain at that moment then I will forget it. I do it all the time.

The great thing is that most of my friends know this about me and while they laugh it up making jokes about my short term memory and the fact that I can't seem to hold things in when having a conversation, I do know it hurts them that I can ramble for hours but not listen effectively to them. It's not nice.

Since I am trying to become more aware of my various "faults" I have noticed this is a big one, but I have lived so long in a situation where the other person wouldn't communicate even if you gave silence to let them, it became habit for me to do all of the talking.

Now that I am trying to move forward and regain that positive in my life, I am working on remembering that having good listening skills will come in handy in all areas of my life but mostly in friendship ways; listening to someone else ramble on without interrupting them makes them feel good, as if whatever they are saying means the world to you in that moment.

What made me feel really good is that my friend, Sheila, the other night on the phone told me that she noticed that I am trying to listen more. If she can notice that I am trying then hopefully others will notice too and in turn I will have corrected this fault of mine so that I can be a better listener for all who walks into my life.