Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finally on the Mend

I got hit with a horrible stomach bug ... I actually ended up going to the hospital ER to see what was up. This all started with me being extremely tired for weeks, I would fall asleep easily and just not want to move. Barely having any energy it was near impossible for me to function as I normally do.

Then it hit me, sickness ... 100.7 temp to start then one night it was 103 all night long. The next day I went to the ER, that temp was too high and it was too long of being sick, not being able to keep down any fluids nor food that I couldn't take the chance. I have kids to raise after all, must make sure my health is okay.

The hospital drew blood, took urine, gave me fluid in IV form, took chest and abdominal xrays. My first xrays of my life. Nothing came up wrong. I am not anemic as I had originally started to think prior to getting sick. My thyroid is fine. My xrays were fine. And so they say I will live.

At least until December 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends ... hey it's positive news anyways. I left the hospital feeling so hungry, mind you I hadn't eaten in a few days nor held down much of any fluids except a bit of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. I ate some french fries - good choice huh? Well I wanted salt! lol

I didn't actually hold down any food until the next day when I had one piece of buttered toast for breakfast and later on had chicken broth. Now I am back to normal and even attended a family BBQ to celebrate my mom's wedding. I am happy I didn't miss that for it was important to attend! Now that I am better, I have to start eating normal meals again, which is hard since my stomach got used to no food it's not able to eat full amounts at one time just yet.

I also am playing catch up on work which SUCKS ... but school starts tomorrow so I will be a working many hours and before you know it this blog will have crazy updates for y'all! So I am fine, healthy and functioning, yay!