Friday, August 10, 2012

5 Ways To Boost a Friendship or Relationship Today

I was encouraged by an article I read in O Magazine yesterday while sitting in the waiting room of an appointment for one of my children, to stop worrying so much.  Sometimes I find myself not doing certain things because I worry about the response from the other person. Just think about it, if you do an act of kindness and it's returned with a shrug or non appreciative gesture, it hurts right? So the human defense mechanism kicks in to protect yourself from such pain making you hold back in the future and thus constantly worrying about others actions or responses to your actions. Stop worrying today and follow these five steps I am practicing to boost friendship and relationships with family today:

  1. Take Action Without Second Thought - If you are compelled to reach for the hand of a loved one while walking, do it. Do not think first. If you are compelled to pick up the phone and talk to a family member about something exciting, do it. Do not think first. If you are attending a great event and want to share it with a family member you haven't been very close to, just do it. Do not think first.

  2. Do What Makes you Happiest - No more making decisions based on all of the worries and what ifs you have piled up inside of your head. If you have to do something that is going to benefit your true inner happiness in the long run, just do it. Do not think twice. If you make decisions based on what encourages your true inner happiness you will lead a healthier lifestyle, not just a happier one. After all "worry causes stress and stress will kill you". {quote from article I read}

  3. Be a Better Role Model - If you are a parent, then think about how you act and react to situations; do you want your child(ren) to react or act this way when they are older? Well then, smarten up and start living in a good role model sort of way. Do not think twice. Granted, not all kids take directly after their parents as adults, but you are their first role model so be a good great one!

  4. Take Time For YOU & Accept Help - Whatever it is that is important to you, to relax and de-stress from a busy day, do it. If you need help from others, take it. It is not weak to ask for help, although you may have developed this I AM SUPER WOMAN or SUPER MAN mentality, no one really has super powers. Live in the real world, get help when needed. Do not think twice. Your mind and children will thank you.

  5. Live Simply, Laugh Often and Love Deeply - Remember this quote and live by it. Have it on a plaque hanging in your home, print it off of our computer, write it on a Post-it note, whatever you have to do. Always look to this for inspiration and take in the words deep into your soul. Do not think twice. These are words that hang in my home in two rooms on a slate and on a plaque, they help me remember to follow these five simple steps when I have lost my way.

What are some tips you have to boost a friendship or relationship? Have you always followed your gut instinct to just be who you are and not worry about others reactions? I want to hear your stories and tips in the comments section below!