Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 18th Updated Fitness Pics Using EA Sports Active

I decided that I will be using EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge as part of my daily exercise routine for my weight loss goals. I started this out at 222lbs then was down to 214lbs now I am back up to 218lbs after three days of working out. My number on a scale is certainly frustrating but soon I will measure inches because I usually lose inches quicker than pounds on a scale.

Here I am pictured in my work out clothing on July 18th, 2012. I have been enjoying working out and my daughter has started her own custom work out on EA Sports Active.  I am so trying to keep my stress levels down but I am not having an easy time with that, stress makes my belly fat bloat right out and in turn makes it difficult to appear as if I am truly losing inches.

I have found that if I stand up taller then my breasts do not make my body look "as big" but with H cup chest, it's difficult to hide those babies. I am starting to have back problems and a slouch due to the extra weight from my chest and if I had health insurance I would so be looking into the idea of a breast reduction just to ease the pain on my poor back. For now, all I can do is attempt to lose weight and inches, never does weight come off of my chest though - usually my face and belly lose the most fat appearance overall.

So I am still moving forward, I took the weekend as my "rest days" to allow my muscles to recoup from three days of intense work out, but Monday I will be back on the EA Sports Active and doing the high intensity workouts instead of the medium intensity workouts! I know I can do this and if I can do this, you can too! Let's keep each other motivated!