Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Those Who Have Judged Based on The Past

Dear those who have judged based on past mistakes,

I understand now why you have always judged for mistakes people have made in the past, for you have your own demons and mistakes that have not been faced.  I forgive you for not allowing me the chance to show you who I am today, the adult and mother of three. I forgive you and I understand, but that does not mean I will take time out of my day to spend with you.

I need to focus on what makes me happy within and helping those who can help themselves. You see, no one but you can fix those issues you hold so closely to your heart. No one but you can make the choice to love yourself and everyone around you. I wish I could make all of those demons and negative thoughts disappear from your mind and soul but alas that is not my job nor could I ever fix another person, so please do not expect others to fix those issues you hold close. You are strong and no matter how much you feel the judgement that is placed is worthy, I know it's not worthy for I have seen the power of an individual who wants to change.

I have seen a person who has made the most awful mistakes you could even imagine but they chose to accept them as learning curves, and to realize they don't wish to make those mistakes again. So those who still wish to judge another person based on their past or what others rumor to be true about them, why not take a moment and look in the mirror for I highly doubt you will truly see a perfect human being in that mirror and hopefully you will come to realize that everyone deserves a chance to live without judgement.

Much love,

A person who faces demons/mistakes head on

P.S. For those who allow judgement to rule their life, please remember that you are worthy of loving who you are .. no matter what paths you have been down in life. Chin up, back straight and walk with confidence for you are trying to be a better person and that is all we can do ... is try!