Saturday, June 30, 2012

If You've Never Been a Parent

Over the years I have met some amazing people both online and offline but one thing I have always come to notice is that humans seem to think they know a lot about kids whether they have raised their own or not. One thing in life that has been very visible to me is that we seem to think we know all about parenting and what we would do should we have our own kids. Let me tell you what, after you have kids of your own every single theory you had goes out of the window!

No joke. I love watching other people look at me with my three kids when we are out and about having an ice cream cone. My youngest makes the most awful mess eating his soft serve ice cream, he ends up with an ice cream beard and mustache as well as having chocolate ice cream all down his arms and all over his clothing. When I was not a parent yet I hated seeing kids like that, I always thought I would never let my kid get that dirty having an ice cream cone. Then I became the mom of two boys and well have grown to find out that getting messy and dirty like that is rather comical and fun, so let the kids be kids.

There are a lot of other areas in parenting life that I truly feel that no one can understand nor fully "get" unless they have their own children. For me, my children are my world. Do not get me wrong, my children do not define me, I can have time away from them no matter how hard it is, but they are my world. No one is to put them down. No one is to put me down. I won't take that, the Mama Bear comes out swinging if anyone is to think that they know what they would do in a situation concerning kids.

Parents do the best they know how to do and when someone else comes in judging it is not cool at all. Until you have become a parent to your own children, raising them whether in a home with the other parent or co-parenting, you just will not get the true mind behind a parent. Then again, my mind is a bit different than most so even without parenting children the mind of me is rather simple yet complex all at once! I shrug things off that I can not control and I only use my energy towards things I can control or change. That is how I think everyone should live so that their children learn to handle situations they can change and not get consumed with situations they can not change.