Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Did You Call Me?

I am horrible about using the phone, it used to be because I had a nifty smartphone and was always texting but now it's just quite simply because the moment I get on that telephone my kids need something. Normally it's the boys, my daughter is pretty respectful if I am on the phone, at least if she knows it's an important call. The boys have zero clue on what be quiet means, let alone for me to make an important phone call.

This means when I have to schedule appointments for three children and myself they are often made later than they should be. I don't like this fact, but that is my life and it's what happens nearly every time I have to make appointments for my kids. Being on the telephone requires either taking time out of my work schedule, lose household income, during the short period of time I currently have to work or attempt to talk while my three year old is screaming because he thinks it's awesome to yell at a pitch that blows your ear drums or my five year old all of a sudden NEEDS everything.

I just can't do phone calls. I try. I really do. I just don't succeed very well or at least in a timely fashion. If these appointment places would kindly take email, my kids appointments would be made much quicker and life would be a lot easier on my end. Talking the phone to set appointments or during virtual meetings can be quite overwhelming and I avoid avoid avoid at all costs.