Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sit Back and Read "She Can Run" on Your Kindle

A 2012 International Thriller nominee for Best First Novel, She Can Run, will keep you on your toes from the moment you being reading it! A widow of two young children, Beth, shows the strength and determination of a mother's love.  Doing up and beyond that of our normal daily activities, what would you do if you feared for your life & your children's lives? I bet nothing would stop you from protecting them, even possibly murder.

Beth met Congressman Richard Baker when she was in a position of being a widow to two young children. The situation Beth had found herself in made her more vulnerable but it made her the perfect candidate for a wife for the Congressman. Little did Beth know what lay ahead for her after marrying Richard Baker and what lengths he would go to in order to keep her from speaking.

Beth's love and strength is tested while she runs to a secluded estate in Pennsylvania only to find out some news regarding the person who had hired her to come live at the estate.  Does Beth continue running? Does she get away from the abuse she experienced with Richard Baker? Will her new found friends assist in helping her, and her children, open up to find safety?

Well I guess you will have to dig into this book yourself to find out all of the answers!

My Thoughts

I found myself not able to put this novel down. My Kindle Fire was in my hand from beginning to end and read in less than three evenings while my children slept tight in their beds. Books and movies about abuse really make me squirm, having been through a lot of various forms of abuse both living with situations and seeing others go through such experiences, I can say the topic of abuse sits hard on my heart. I long for abuse to no longer be an issue, but reading books like this really help shed hope on the strength of what a woman and mother can do to protect their loved ones.

Available on Kindle and Paperback, She Can Run is written by Melinda Leigh.

"This is not a review. This is a random Kindle book I personally chose one night to read and fell in love with. Reading books is my vacation time, so I had thought I could share some books I have enjoyed to lend you some of my vacation time"