Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Respecting and Enjoying Wildlife in it's Own Habitat

The birds are chirping, the frogs are making their frog noises and the air is crisp and fresh. Spring has arrived and with that comes natures need to mate and find the perfect place to have their babies. I feel lucky that two Canadian Geese have found their way to the pond where I live, for in all of my years of having this land in the family I have never seen Canadian Geese take a liking to our pond.

I love sitting outside watching as this goose pictured above waddles around with her partner just eating up the grub she finds in the lawn. The two geese have grown so comfortable with my family that they come rather close to the house instead of staying near the pond like they did at first. They do honk when an unknown vehicle arrives in the yard or if my kids make too loud of a noise outdoors.

However, these geese do not run away. Apparently they can sense that my family is that of a loving, kind family. We have not given them risen to feel threatened and for that I am thankful. My children get to watch wildlife in it's habitat right in our front yard. I hope that the babies will be born soon so that the kids will be able to see a mother and father Canadian Goose take care of their young.

I love wildlife but I am trying to teach my children through experience that we do not capture wildlife, that we do not feed them or interfere with their living space. It's a learning experience and makes the children appreciate natures beauty in a respectful way. I must admit it's relaxing for me to be able to sit on the deck and just watch the wildlife outdoors before getting started on the stressful bedtime routine with my sons.