Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Romantic Comedy I Loved "Better Off Without Him"

I am one of those stubborn independent woman who also has a bit of attachment type issues when it comes to relationships. I have the ups and downs of feeling stronger when I am single yet getting attached easily to the person I am with, making my strong willed nature disappear slightly. The book, Better Off Without Him written by Dee Ernst, touches on who I am almost 100%. The main character, Mona, is the one person in this novel I related to the most.

Mona is a best selling romance novel who finds her own life a bit of something she would see in her stories. A married mother of three who simply enjoys the job of being mom and doing it all. Mona has,what she perceives to be a typical marriage where the husband works a big job leaving the mom to not only tend to the kids but also put a bit of her career on hold. When Mona's husband leaves her, she wonders what she will do now.

At first Mona decides that her life story needs to be written, this is a great way for her to cope with what has happened. Mona sits down to work on an anti-romance novel and works to sell her idea to her publicist. Although an anti-romance novel isn't greatly accepted by her publishers, they allow her time to work on this novel. What Mona never expected was that this anti-romance novel is what may just help her move forward in her life and find out that she was indeed much "better off without him".

Where will this book lead us during the journey of Mona's life? Will Mona take her ex husband back? What will Mona teach us, mothers and woman, that we didn't realize we had within us? Whatever you learn from reading this book, I know one thing for sure is this; you will find yourself laughing and quite possibly relating to the characters within this book.

Available on Paperback or Kindle.

"This is NOT a review. I picked this book on my Kindle Fire as a vacation time read while the children were fast asleep and just had to share my love of Better Off Without Him."