Sunday, April 22, 2012


The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

Have you noticed how popular scarves have become? I’m not talking winter, keep your neck warm scarves, I’m talking fashion, where all day, scarves. I just got to thinking about it when I saw Kelly Ripa on Fayette Satellite TV wearing a fashion scarf. It was a real pretty black one with pink and turquoise undertones. It really made the outfit. I need to get some more fashion scarves. I only have two: a reddish one, and a blue and black one. I love them, but I forget to wear them all the time. I forget I even have them, but they can really take an outfit from plain to awesome. I need to put them in a more visible and accessible place in my closet so I will think of them as I’m picking out my clothes to wear in the morning. I think with a few scarves, you can make the same outfit look like a different one just by switching out the color of the scarf. It is amazing what a difference a scarf makes.