Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Am Suppose To Do What?

I work every morning from about 8am until lunch time, from then on I am on, what i like to call "Mama Duty", where I am not allowed to touch email, blogs, computers, nothing again until the munchkins are asleep. This wasn't always the rule or the case in my home but ever since I stopped my virtual assistant business and focused on writing things have become more peaceful and fun in the house!

You see, I really only "need" a few hours a week to do all of my writing and in turn make enough money to support the family but getting my words of wisdom to the world are important to me and as with any self employed type of job, you have to take time to market yourself so that you in turn make money.

The four hours a day I spend online sometimes turn into me having 7 tabs open in FireFox with my brain on overdrive. You see, I want to write, stumble posts, digg posts and interact on Twitter as well as Facebook but instead of taking each task as one at a time, I try to do it all at once. Maybe it's my multi-tasking personality or maybe I have Blog ADD, whatever it is, I can not seem to focus on one task at a time.

Every morning I swear this morning will be different, I will open only two tabs; email and one blog, but it never fails, before I know it I have 7 tabs open and although I get a ton done, I never leave the computer feeling fully "complete" in my tasks.