Monday, April 9, 2012

A Fabulous Easter Weekend

The fam and I had a fabulous Easter weekend ... from Friday all the way through Sunday evening we had laughter, smiles and just plain old family fun!

We enjoyed the swingset a bit more because we finally purchased a third swing for the set that we are still building with wood. Three kids and two swings was just asking for a fight. So this weekend all three kids were able to enjoy swinging at the same time and having Daddy give them a turbo boost.

I usually can not swing for it makes me real sick ever since I've been an adult, however, I was being lazy sitting on a swing with both J and my daughter decided it would be real cool to push me high ... my tummy got butterflies and my head was spinning.

I just can't handle the swinging anymore, but what I could handle was capturing some awesome Easter weekend pics that are being shared all this week at Happily Blended!