Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bad Moments Can't Make a Bad Day, Unless You Let Them

One of my Facebook friends had an interesting quote up one day and it basically promoted the fact that we don't have bad days, we all have bad moments that some use to create a fully bad day. I have to believe this to be true, being the sort of thinker I am, makes me redirect my mind to something better. I firmly believe that if you allow one down or bad moment take you for a whirl, that is focusing on this bad moment, then it will only have more bad moments to follow which in turn makes a bad day.

If you make a conscious decision to take that bad moment, find some small aspect of positive from it, and move forward to make the day a better one, you will find the day will only get brighter. It is extremely difficult to turn a bad moment upside down, but many go by the saying "fake it til you make it" and sometimes faking a little smile to get your mind boosted in the right direction isn't all that bad of an idea! Just remember, don't fake it til you make it forever, simply forcing a smile through this bad moment, is fine, but faking a smile through out your days, does not necessarily change the outcome of your day, now does it?

One must fully believe in their heart and soul that this bad moment can be overcome, that life will go on and life will go on happily. We all create our happily ever after, so do not allow one bad moment become more bad moments and in turn creating a bad day when all you had to do was turn lips upward to a smile, for when you smile so do those around you, and then that so called fake smile will be heart felt as you watch your family smile in return from your smile.