Friday, March 16, 2012

VH1 Had a Jennifer Lopez Documentary On Last Night

And I found out more about Jennifer Lopez that I didn't know as well as had a memory recall of how many men she has fallen fast for. I can relate to J-Lo is many ways, when I am in a relationship I tend to jump and give my all. It's not that I fall fast for the wrong people, it's just that I give my all and then get upset when their all isn't given. Let's just say relationships in my world are a work in progress, much like J-Lo.

However, her music is amazing and here are a couple of her songs that I just love dearly. I love how she makes curves look hot, you see I don't consider her extremely curvy, however, she is not an anorexic looking actress/singer and seems to help promote a healthy body image for girls. I think I need to go buy her albums for my car, because I totally forgot just how much I love her music!