Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rural Life

Authored by Rickey Combs

I went to visit my old college roommatein Indiana recently, and I had no idea she lived in such a rural area. I knew she grew up in a small town, but I was shocked that she lived so far from anything that even resembled civilization to me. She can’t even get cable internet where she lives. Her only options are dial up and satellite internet. Even though certain things can be inconvenient, parts of living that far away from a big city are nice. The lifestyle suits her well and she seems very happy. We got to spend a lot of time outdoors, which let us focus on talking and repairing our friendship. We had a falling out our senior year about a guy, and hadn’t seen each other since then. We started speaking again last year, and we were both so happy. It was so stupid to be mad at each other over an idiot neither of us speaks to anymore. We cooked, and drank wine, and watched old movies at night. It was so good not to be distracted by anything and just relax.