Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reviewing my First Draft of my Children's Book

I am writing  a children's book, however, it is not a children's book as you may think - full of illustrations and colorful short sentences. I am actually working on a children's book for pre-teens, tweens as they are called. It's a book for tween girls to be more specific.

Right now I am in the editing stages and my daughter is in the illustration stages as she works to design the perfect cover for our book we are collaborating together on.

I can't wait to share this book, I will be self publishing it as that is sort of the best way to go at this time and I do hope when I am able to fully release it that you will all check it out.

Have you ever written a book? How long did you take you to really go through it and finalize it? I am finding it is taking a lot longer to finalize a book copy before publication than I had originally thought - yes even for a short book.