Thursday, March 15, 2012

Glad They Have Manners

One thing I have been working on with my sons is the focus on manners. For some reason the boys have picked up the word "now" so when they ask for something it's always "get me {insert whatever here} NOW" in a tone that scares the crap out of me in all honesty. They sometimes can sound like evil little men.

I do not accept orders from any of my children, therefore the word now just gets the response "no" or "go get it yourself if you are going to not say please". Eventually they will say please or get it themselves.

My three year old has really hopped on the good manner bandwagon and says "you're welcome" in the cutest voice every, seriously, I say thank you to that kid more often than not just to hear those sweet little words out of his mouth. The tone is as if he's a cute, sweet innocent little child who hasn't an evil bone in his body. Although he is my hyper, baby of the family who def is also the comedian who tests limits in a funny way, he certainly is a curious George of the bunch. I know all too well his charm is simply used to manipulate his Mama's heart strings, but at least he is using his manners with his charming personality and tone.