Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding a good prom hairstyle for my curly-haired daughter

Guest post written by Carrie Lincoln

It shouldn't be all that surprising that my daughter is having a tough time finding a hairstyle that she thinks will work on her hair for prom. She's like me and has some of the curliest hair around. It can be really tough because you have to think so much about what a hairstyle will do to your curls before you try it. But we're right on the hunt to find that perfect updo for her.

We've been looking online to see what we can find. We've been mainly looking at red carpet photos of stars who have curly hair and when we were doing that a few nights ago I saw some information on debt consolidation. I've been wanting to look into consolidating my debt for a few months now and I think this is a great opportunity to finally do that.

She's been looking at a lot of Taylor Swift's updos because she has curly hair, but I'm also pretty sure that she straightens and then curls her hair a lot. We'll have to keep looking and see what's going to work for her.