Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When Are You Having More?

I am talking about children, this is a question oh so many people ask when I am with three kids running wild or rambling on and on with this look on my face stating "how can I answer three kids at once?". It's funny that no matter how many kids you have, this age old question of "when are you going to have more" is asked to us parents.

As if the fact that three kids rambling on and on with their bouncy high energy level isn't enough for us parents, we are prone to having to answer silly questions like when we are going to have more. Come on people, why ask such a silly question?!

The only time I think to ask one that question is when they seem to be venting about having their hands full and the question is clearly meant as a form of sarcasm, rather than a realistic question at that time. To be honest with everyone, the day my first born came into this world, watching her grow and having a blast being mom to her, made me want to have like six more.

My first born was and still is relatively the "easy" child, helpful, smart and usually very well at behaving. Sure my oldest tests limits and does all the normal kid things, but it's no where near the challenges I face with my two sons. My second born wasn't planned and I wasn't really ready nor into the whole idea of having another child at the time. It wasn't the right time, I was single, etc etc. I have to be honest though, I love him dearly and wouldn't change the unplanned pregnancy for the world.

I had my second son two years after the first son and he was a joy just like his sister. An easy baby and that was the case until about the age of two when he became a wild child. High energy and always on the run, but still relatively "easy", just like his sister. My middle child has had a ton of surgeries such as those ear tubes when younger, surgery on his penis and even deals with mental health type issues that are currently being looked into by a psychiatrist.  Counseling every two weeks really helps us parent this child and work with his unique personality.

I can be honest, there will be no more children for this Mom. Having the troubles that have arisen with all three of my kids here & there, the constant scheduling for appointments for three kids. The juggling of having two in school and two in sports. It's all enough for me, because soon enough my last born will be in school and possibly into sports, so there will be three different schedules to make work well together.

I am happy with my three children. Wouldn't trade a thing that goes wrong with them for the world. I love my happy chaos and do not wish to add another child to it. So the answer to "when are you having more?" is a flat out "never" people. No way in heck do I want another. Sure there are days I am down the middle road and think a baby would be great to have, but in all honesty, my kids are at that fun age and I can't imagine going back to taking care of a baby who I would breastfeed and have to carry around. I enjoy holding hands with my kids & walking with them, I enjoy watching them gain their own independence and no way could I share myself just one more time with another child.

The three I have are my world and the three I have will have my undivided attention for the rest of their lives, well that is until they grow into adults and start families of their own - well then, and only then, will I have another baby to hug and love, but in the grandma kind of way!