Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thoughts on Rear Facing Seats in Back of Wagon Car

A new vehicle makes me think twice about where my children should sit. We pulled up and checked out a Ford Taurus Wagon, having never seen one up close I was curious just how many buckles there were in this vehicle. As some know, I went from having a van to no vehicle, but I do have three kids with one who is a total grumpy butt and needs his space on trips.

Looking at the Ford Taurus Wagon, I wasn't sure if it would be a good fit but it seemed to be in great shape and it was able to seat my children comfortably. This car has a rear facing seat behind the normal back seat, which seats two people buckled in.

At first I thought the idea of my two older children sitting back there would be great, they even loved it, but then as 24 hours passed, I started to get concerned about being rear ended. I mean, I can assume a rear facing seat car would have some safety features in it to protect from such a bad accident, but then again I don't know and my kids lives are not something to mess around with.

I made a decision to put the seat down and tell my five year old it doesn't work right so as to avoid him having to sit back there and it went over fine. I haven't had any issues and I honestly explained to my nine year old how I felt it wasn't a safe idea to have her and her brother back there on a regular basis but on occasion they certainly can sit back there.

I don't know what I will do about the rear facing seat, probably look up safety features in this vehicle and see what it lists as ideas of who and what age and weight/height should sit back there as well as any additional features that may have been done to the back windshield glass as a way to help avoid a fatal injury with a rear ended accident.

For now I am reaching out to all of you - do you know anything about those pop up rear facing seats that some vehicles have? What are your thoughts on it?