Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thankful for My Happy Chaos

Often I can be found referring to my family as "my happy chaos". It is true, my household is high energy and it is true that we are usually smiling most times. Some moments, I want to rip my hair out of my head. Some moments, I want to laugh so hard I cry. Other moments, I am sad. Overall one thing is for sure, I am happy. Nothing has ever happened in my life, since being a Mom that makes me regret one moment of time spent with my children.

For me, no matter how much chaos is happening and no matter what else goes on to make me frustrated or sad, I am always happy inside about being mom. I am thankful I am the one my kids turn to, I am happy they have a place to feel confident and comfortable speaking their opinions and thoughts out loud. It's the times when my kids are at their worst or upset and they turn to me to talk that I realize every waking moment of my parental "job" has been done right.

For when your kids can turn to you about anything, that is one true accomplishment to be proud of. Some day my kids will be teens with peer pressure and all sorts of tests in life, thankfully I have built that strong bond with my children all of their life. This means one day, when they are teens, they will know they can turn to Mama for calm, soft spoken advice, tips or just a hug if needed.