Monday, February 6, 2012

Stomach Bug Hits the House

I have no clue what I call this sickness going around, when kids at school started to go home sick from throwing up and my daughters friends were reported being home sick I assumed it was just some stomach bug or flu going around. Me, never getting my flu shot due to lack of insurance, I try to steer clear of germs the best I can. The kids have had their flu shots though.

It all started with reports of people missing from work where the boys' Dad works, then it was the five year old waking up sick as a dog on Saturday. Dad and I had symptoms for days of the bug but never had thrown up. Still to this day the adults have no thrown up but the five year old had a 24 hour throw up spree and now, today the three year old.

Please say the nine year old, Mom and then Dad do not get it either. Please spare us from this awful sickness going around. I will take the symptoms minus throwing up any day.