Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stay Strong, Things Will Get Better

As a parent I know that it's extremely important to be that safe haven for your child, there are a lot of dangers in the world, there are a lot stressful situations that will come up in life and it's the parents job to be that child's person of trust to come to when times are difficult.

What happens when a child comes to a parent with a tough situation yet is faced with the reality that there is little the parent can do to fix the situation? I like to think with every situation there is a solution, however, the solution isn't always immediate when it needs to be immediate.

It's so heartbreaking to know that you, as the parent, are not able to just swoop in and fix the issues that need to be fixed, why? Well because there is a process and sometimes that process makes your child feel as if they are not worthy, that what they have confided in you and other trusted adults wasn't worth a thing. It's hard to be in a situation like this but one things for sure, if you are that parent, the trusted source your child turns to when times get rough, remember to stay strong, pray and have faith that in good time things will get better.