Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Living the majority of my life without traveling, created a person who never had much interest in traveling nor experience new things. I was rather settled in my life in a small town, of course, I honestly didn't want to live here my whole life, however, being that I was living within my own comfortable shell, packing up and moving was out of the question.

I remember my first and only trip to Florida around thirteen years of age, my step sister, my mom, my mom's boyfriend, my sister and I drove down the 21 hour drive to stay a week near Disney Land. The fun times we had were certainly priceless staying at a cute condo or resort area and experiencing Disney Land. This trip was the only trip I had ever taken and again, we drove down instead of flying.

I always had this fear of flying, I firmly believe that only birds were meant to fly, not humans. After starting my Happily Blended Blog and it becoming a huge success, I had to make a decision to fly or not to fly in order to further my blogging career. I made the decision just last year, to fly and I haven't looked back.

All ready to fly again and again the sky is the limit and hopefully I can spread some of my kids wings by allowing them to travel and experience other ways of life so that when they are grown adults, they are not like me, stuck in my small town ways and able to fly free to make a home of their own whenever their heart desires!