Friday, February 10, 2012

I can Be Strong, but Let me Cry First

Just last night I was saying how I feel like I need to just cry and let it all out. So much is going on that makes me sad, this sadness is deep right to the center of my soul. I have hope and I have faith, but that doesn't make the sadness subside, it's there deep within.

I am a strong person. I can handle a lot of situations that get tossed in my direction, but sometimes even the strongest of people hit their limit. That is me. I am at my limit and feel like if only I had a local girlfriend to come hug me hard, just hold me and let me cry on their shoulders I would feel relieved.

There's nothing to talk about, nothing to write - I've gotten it all out of my head, but it's the heart that is deeply saddened and for this, the only solution is a long, deep cry. So I will pull out the tissues and bury myself in a blanket to just let the tears flow so I can move forward and be stronger to be the mom and person I need to be for my family.