Friday, February 24, 2012

Guess That Accent

Do you ever pick up the phone to call someone regarding an issue with service or maybe it's just the customer service department at a store? While placing this call, have you ever spoke to someone who has this odd accent and it just makes you wonder what type of accent that is?

I have. I am a sucker for an English/British type of accent. I could seriously listen to Hugh Grant all day long, even though I don't find him a very attractive man, his voice? Well that could do numbers on me. I would let Hugh ramble to me all day long while the heart flutters from the simple sound of his accent.

So I ask you today, do you have an accent that just makes your heart melt? Or have you been waited on by someone with an accent yet just can't seem to put your finger on what accent it is?

Have you ever actually asked a person "hey what is that accent, where are you from?" before? Tell me your accent loves, hates and stories in a comment below!