Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Can't Pay for Membership On Phone


The other day my five year old begged and pleaded to let me make him a member on Club Penguin, it's  a game on the computer that him and his sister love to play often. I only let them have the free version with ultimate limited chat versions, they are penguin friends on the site and have a lot of fun with it.

There is a membership version of Club Penguin, as with most children game sites, they lure the kids in with some awesome free stuff but if they want more then they need to ask a parent to pay for a membership. Yeah, lovely trick these game people are up to!

So my five year old comes into my office the other day to inform me that he wants to be a member of Club Penguin and the conversation went something like this:
Mama can you make me a member of Club Penguin?

NO I will not make you a member of Club Penguin dude, it costs money.

In pipes the daughter, yeah A and Mama it costs like $40 to be a member.

I realize this daughter, hence why I said NO I will not make you all members.

But Mama, says the five year old, all you do is call this number on the computer and it doesn't cost money because you can't give money over the phone dummy. That's just stupid.

Dude, do not call me dummy, that's a mean word and we don't use it in this house and YES you can pay money over the phone, it's called using a credit card.

Mama that is just stuipd, you can not pay for something over the phone so it's free and you need to call right now to make me a member.

No. I am not making you a member and you are lucky that I let you continue to play after you just called me dummy.

So apparently me thinking one can pay for something over the phone makes me a dummy and just stupid. Some days I just love parenting, it's so much fun!