Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Is Sex Such a Shun Topic?

Our media is so sexualized, commercials to movies and news coverage, yet when our children wish to learn more about sex we shun them and refuse to talk. Granted, this is not the scene in every household, but many parents refuse to open the conversation and even advertisers for blogs do not work with "non family friendly" bloggers. I am not sure what every business defines as "family friendly" but most deem a site non-family friendly if it addresses anything to do with sex.

I personally think that is completely messed up, sure I can see a highly pornographic blog not being the best place for a professional business that has nothing to do with sex products, but in the long haul is a mom talking about sex in a blog post really non-family friendly? I mean maybe this mom is reaching out about the topic of teen sex, because they don't know how to address it with their children and need tips. You see, bloggers have a huge community - we all support each other, provide tips, feedback, love and support to each other virtually.

When visiting my sons pediatrician for his five year check up I was provided this sheet about what to discuss/address with my young child and guess what? Sex was on that list, yes it was recommended that a child around age four or five is learning about sex education at their own level. Sometimes you can find good books to address the topic then other times, if your child is open to listening - you can just talk to them and answer their questions on their level.

Keep it simple, keep it open and maybe just maybe our children won't be trying to get a bit of that forbidden fruit behind our backs to learn about sex from friends and the internet or worse yet, through practice at an age when they are too young to truly understand the consequences of their actions.