Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Fictional Mans Demise ... The Power of an Evil Woman

This one woman has the super power human strength of ruining someone's whole dating life forever. Yes indeed it is true. Apparently this woman is such an evil woman that many, many  years ago she ruined some poor souls life in such a way that this person will never be able to date again. I know this is hard to gulp down, because after all how can one woman do such harm to a man who spends his days sleeping around and smoothing over every female he speaks to?

I really do hope this woman realizes the super human strength she holds in her hands and heart to be able to destroy a person and make them evil for life. You see, if this woman did indeed "ruin" this man well then maybe, just maybe he should have or should now seek counseling services to get his brain and heart straight? That's just my two cents.

I get that a man and a woman may fall head over heels in love so hard that when the poor couple ends up breaking up that the heart can feel lost for a long time and that indeed this man may feel like this woman ripped his heart out of his chest but at some point one would think both would move on, either with our without professional help.

I am a firm believer that no one person can completely destroy another person in such a devastating way that many years down the road he is still blaming this woman for his demise in relationships. The only way one can make another person feel or be 'destroyed' is if they allow that person to make them feel that way or they are due full of ego to realize they have issues that need addressing.

Now I am not sure if we can call this man's attitude towards a woman a result of pride, as from what I can tell it seems to be he has extremely deep issues and must find the nearest route to a counselor or pyschiatrist and fast. Curious how many of his 'beaus' fall for this excuse, I personally would eitehr 1) laugh in this mans face or 2) tell him to go seek professional help so he can move on to lead a successful, happier life.

yes this is a sarcastic fictional article derived from my brain ... enjoy!