Friday, January 27, 2012

How About a Mani and Pedi?

I have never had a manicure nor pedicure, I am 30 years old. The thought has crossed my mind in the past few years of interacting with woman who blog and have this done on a regular basis but overall it hasn't been a necessity in my life nor mind.

Rewind to the other night ...

It was bedtime, the boys were tucked in their beds, fast asleep when I decided to do my normal Chicken Soup for the Soul Cat Lovers reading with my daughter while laying next to her in her bed.

After  reading a story out of the book, I decided it's been awhile since I just sat and chatted with my daughter, it's something we both need and miss dearly. It's difficult to set aside "girl chat" time when the boys are running wild more often than not.

As we talked about her school day and other such odd ball topics she says out of the blue:
Is there a mani & pedi place nearby?

Umm... yes daughter I am sure there is but I haven't ever been to one, why?
It's just that my friends have fake nails and it helped them to stop biting their nails, but when they did the fake nails at home, they would fall off and didn't look good. I want professional nails so maybe I will stop biting my nails.

Good theory, but does this girl not know that a manicure and pedicure is often therapy for woman? She is only 9 and already on the track towards divahood.