Monday, January 30, 2012

A Haircut Can Boost Self Esteem in Girls

This past weekend my family went to the local barber shop, why a barber shop? Well quite simply because the girl who has been cutting my hair all of my life works at a barber shop and she is the only person I trust with my kids hair. This girl has been a part of my "family" since she was five years old, having been and still is a close friend of my only and younger sister.

When my daughter was younger she always wanted to have long hair like Rapunzel but then it happened, she started getting older and just this past year she requested to have layers put in her hair, with a trim. This girl is nine years old and has only ever had a trim done to her hair with the exception of adding small layers in last year.

My daughter is now what I call a "tween", she is going through some changes in her life and sometimes it's hard to see if she has low or high self esteem, certainly some of her environmental factors, cliques at school and such make it hard for her to fully appreciate the beauty she holds not only on the outside but on the inside as well. Last week my daughter requested that she get a haircut, like a real cut, no more trims and no more Rapunzel hair.

After I got over the shock that my daughter now wanted her beautiful, long hair cut off I allowed her to make this hair cutting decision on her own. Searching online for hair cuts for girls based on her requests of hair length just below her shoulders, layers and long bangs we found a style that was a cross between Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez styles in previous years.

Bringing the pictures we printed, we set off to the barber shop, where my daughter had no clue we were going. Then it happened, my daughter came home with a new haircut and a brand new attitude. This haircut and style was the best decision she has ever made and I am happy that I allowed her to make this decision. The girl is happy, bouncy, smiley and so appreciative that I let her choose her own style.

So I think no matter how old you are, a woman enjoys a good haircut and a style, but it's more than just the action behind getting this done; getting a new haircut and style really does boost the self esteem in any woman whether they are a young girl, a teen or an adult.