Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Day FedEx Dude Stepped in Poop

It was a nice sunny winter day and the FedEx dude stopped by to drop a package off. It was my Barbie Christmas DVD for review on Happily Blended. I was excited to see FedEx and was sort of hoping for a cool package so I opened the door ready to accept when my pug ran out of the door.

You see, my sweet pug has no fear and doesn't understand she can't chase cars or big things because she is just a little tyke so she isn't allowed outside unless in fenced in area or on a leash. She ran, but she didn't run far. Jenny the pug has an obsession with something underneath the steps to my deck, I am assuming it's poop of some sort as that seems to be her only fixation when outside.

The FedEx Dude wanted to try to help so he stepped over to the right of the steps to grab my sweet pug when I saw that he had stepped right into a pile of dog poop. Now I tried to tell him it was okay no need to help, but he wanted to help because he is a nice person.

I didn't acknowledge that he stepped in poop and apologize because the whole situation happened so fast. I feel bad, but what can you do? I can only assume and hope that this has happened to him before. Surely I won't be remembered as the lady who let her FedEx dude step in poop?