Friday, December 30, 2011


Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes

Our neighbors convinced us to use their internet and log onto to get internet service at our house too. I have enjoyed having it at our house. I have really been able to pursue one of my hobbies and get great tips. I love to cook and always have. The internet is a great resource for recipes. One of my favorite cooking magazines, that I have been ordering for years has a great website. It is definitely my favorite cooking website because it has everything that you could want. It has product reviews, how-to tutorials, and a ton of information about any food you can think of. I didn’t even know how many different types of eggplants there were until I got on this website. It also archives all of the old magazines. If there has been a recipe that they produced in the last fifty years, it is searchable. I have been experimenting and cooking a lot. My family’s tummies are pleased! They are excited about dinner every night now and show up to dinner on time.