Thursday, December 15, 2011

No Fear Three Year Old

My three year old has zero fear in his Mama or any other adult authority figure for that matter. He just goes on his merry little way all day long. Hanging from anything he can grasp with his hands or feet. Pulling and pushing on things he shouldn't be touching. Running wild all day long.

I am thankful that usually once he hits his bed he goes to sleep, but lately he has been rough at bedtime too. Recently I made a personal pact with myself that this kid would start having some boundaries for once and for all. This little boy needs to know Mama is boss and means business.

SO my new getting back to meaning what I say to the three year old business started.... with no cartoons before bedtime routine unless he stops peeing in his pants and goes to bed in a timely fashion. I do understand that even adults need some time to settle their mind once they lay their heads down so I don't expect my three year old to lay on his bed, get his song sung to him then get tucked in and be asleep instantly; although that would be ideal ... it's not realistic.

Lately my three year old son has gone from being potty trained, except overnight when he wore a pull up to peeing in his pants all day long. It's the most frustrating part of my parenting, aside from some personal issues one of my kids is having, and I have no clue how to handle this situation. I am about ready to have him be inside half naked all day so he realizes peeing his pants all of a sudden is not so funny nor cool.

I think since I have started to enforce some rules and boundaries finally with my three year old that he is starting to test less limits and realizing that Mama means business. Now if I can get him to remember this without having to place him in a time out or take things away all day. I do assume it will get easier once he really truly believes I am not putting up with bad behavior anymore.