Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Is It Impossible To Sit Still?

I ask this question to my three year old who has a new obsession, dancing and bouncing every chance he gets. You see my three year old son has always been a monkey, hence why I call him my little monkey but the hyper part really wasn't there.

This past year I have watched as my five year old toned his hyperactivity down a bit and my three year old decided to tone his hyperactivity up a few degrees. Stopping in the middle of dinner to do a little dance, sort of like the robot dance, is not uncommon in this house these days.

Sitting in a recliner watching a show with me, he has to constantly move whether it to be going upside down to watch the show while moving his legs constantly or sitting on my lap fidgeting, the boy won't stop moving.

I am not sure how to handle this sudden hyperactivity he has, but I tell you it drains me daily. Someone either help him tone the energy down a notch or help me tone mine up about ten degrees so this Mama can dance faster, better and keep this kid on his toes instead of the other way around.