Monday, November 28, 2011

Watched School Board Meeting

We have a local channel where you can watch the happenings around town but the channel usually has horrible audio quality so I just don't ever watch it. One morning I was feeling lazy and while lounging in bed decided to flick channels when I happened upon a November school board meeting. Now there is a lot going on in the high school and with the school administrative unit that has me wanting to keep up with the latest and since the audio for this meeting was normal I thought I would watch it.

All I can say after watching this local school board meeting is that the tension within the room of students, school board members, administrators and teachers was so intense that I could feel it through the television. It appears that there is a lot going on behind the scenes of the schools, mainly the high school, that the parents are not aware of. Most recently the principal from the high school was arrested based on reports that he put his hands on a student, he is facing simple assault charges against a student.

My children are not in the high school yet but I will be honest that if the school doesn't smarten up by then and get some organization going on then I would have no issues pulling my children from the public school environment and placing them in an online high school environment or even home schooling because I won't put up with my children feeling intimidated at their own school by administrators.

This is really sad to see that the one place children should feel safe and secure is falling apart. As a teen I knew that high school was my safe heaven, I was an above average student and being at school was way better most times than being at home. I had trust in the administrators and had no issues speaking to them if something was going on. I can only hope that by the time my children get into high school that the school has it's act together because this is so sad to see our future generation falling behind because adults can't seem to get some organization going on in the upper level of administration!