Sunday, November 27, 2011

Traveling Is a Fun Bug to Catch

After spending most of my life traveling only in the New England area such as Maine in the summers with the kids and Vermont to visit my family I found that the day I hopped onto a plane in June 2011 that my life would change forever. That first flight was so nerve wracking for me and I was having major anxiety over being almost 30 years old and never having flown before.

The flight was only going to be a few hours with one plane switch over or whatever it is called but still I was nervous. Thank goodness a blog friend who lives in New Hampshire was flying to this same event and we were able to book our flights together because without her that first flight would have been difficult on me.

Now that I have flown two times I am about to fly a third I realize that this flying stuff is pretty fun and easy. I love that I can arrive in NYC within just an hour if that whereas in the car it would take me five hours or more. I know that I want my children to visit the various states in the United States and to grow up saying they didn't live a sheltered life like I did. I want my children to experience the views of Park City homes and to look out of an airplane window at the clouds in the sky.

My children will hopefully grow up to be thankful for their adventures they go on with their Mama.  I know that once the kids are in their teens it would be fun to look at Park City real estate and other real estate in the US to see if we could possibly have a "summer" home down the road to travel to each summer. Oh the dreams I have of being able to have an adventurous time traveling with my children.