Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Pug Is Fascinated with Poop

Full warning: If you have a weak stomach for the topic of poop please do not read this.

My sweet Jenny the Pug is fascinated with poop and she isn't discriminatory against any type of poop. I take Miss Jenny out for her daily walk to the mailbox and she enjoys sniffing and snorting out various forms of poop from wild animals to the neighbors wandering chicken poop to her own poop. Yes Jenny the sweet Pug loves her own poop.

Now when I took Jenny into our home I knew she had a cat box fetish, this was relayed to me from her previous owners. Having no cat box I assumed that this poop fetish of hers would disappear but oh not so much. You see we have outdoor cats and we have neighbors with chickens who wander into our yard. Lately the chickens have been coming in real close, like our walkway, and pooping all over. I never realized just how messy chickens can get.

Miss Jenny has been in poop heaven between the pile of leaves where the outdoor cats poop and the chicken poop. It's a nightmare to have to pull her away from her fetish. She just really wants to eat that poop. This is the most absurd thing I have ever seen an animal go crazy over.

The snorting won't stop, the pulling won't stop. Please, how do I get my pug to stop wanting to eat poop? I don't let her eat it but still ... is there a better way to cure this issue? I hear hot sauce works on nail biters, so there has to be something that works for poop eating dogs.

**my life is so exciting that I chose to share Jenny's poop story with you all ... sigh**