Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's Talk About Common Sense

I walk into the bank and see a sign "please refrain from cell phone use while completing a banking transaction" and my mind instantly goes to laughter, oh actually I laughed out loud. The bank teller looked at me as if I had done lost my mind, but then I explained to her how silly I thought it was that they had to have a sign saying " no cell phone use while doing a bank transaction" because who in their right mind would be on a cell phone while depositing or taking out money from their account? The idea is just silly to me, yet people do this.

Is our wold so technology advanced that we have thrown all common sense and common courtesy out of the window? Take for instance that person who sued McDonald's over the hot coffee because it burned them? I mean, seriously people! Coffee is hot, if it were not hot you would bitch because it was cold. Now all coffee cups from your convenience store or Dunkin Donuts have "caution this may be hot" on the outside of the mug. This is another silly idea to me, I always say to the cashier, really the coffee is hot? Oh my gosh, I would have never guessed. Alas, the cashier doesn't get or like my sense of humor, but it amuses me.

Oh and last but not least, I pull up to get my oil change in a Prompto drive up oil change garage, yes because I like Prompto service and I am reading a sign while waiting in the long line of cars that states "Cell phone use is forbidden when driving into the garage. OSHA" I get it, OSHA is a safety organization for most companies around here, hopefully where you are too, but doesn't OSHA have more important things to do than have to place a sign up for people's lack of common sense? I can't imagine being on my cell; texting or talking, while driving into a garage. I can barely drive into the garage without distractions, never mind holding a cell phone. People, please put the cell phones down when in your vehicle, save us all from your lack of common sense.

What's That Buzz has a common sense article I think you may enjoy.

What type of things have seen that maybe have been around for a long time or you noticed are new and really make you wonder what is wrong with the world today? Please share .... humor me!