Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Birthday is coming Again

I am turning 30 on Friday and with that comes my needs of wanting ME time and getting out to celebrate. I think I will be getting my hair cut, layered and colored. You see I tried to do a home highlighting kit not that long ago and my hair turned out multiple colors. I want my color to be closer to the natural hair color of black so that I can work on growing my hair out to be healthy again.

Oh and the greys will show more I am sure. I can already see a ton on the top of my head.

I may get my first professional massage EVER which is cool. I really hope that @mommadjane can really get that for me as a gift, she has offered but it's hard to figure out which local one to go to.

I love my life and I love my kids. I am looking forward to cake with the kids, my daughter is gone so it will be just the boys and me enjoying some cake together!

So in a few more days I will be heading into the 30 years.... and I am looking forward to it!