Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fiction Writing Practice: Rena's Story Continued

Story continued from yesterday ...

Within a month of graduated high school, Rena ended up losing her job, which meant she would lose the vehicle her family had co-signed for during her high school senior year. Rena was quickly disappointing her family and her mother pretty much disowned her and stated she wasn't allowed on the property until she got her act in gear. Rena want on to get an underage DWI and had to attend a course that cost her around $500 total. Rena was also required to get an SR22 which cost around $1200 a year in order to get her license back after the 6 months suspension. Alone, without a job and watching as most of her so-called friends disappear as fast as her money, car and freedom did, Rena decided she would take this moment to make something better of herself. Rena would work hard and build her resume up so that she could have one hell of a job and get one hell of a life started for her.

One fine day during the Summer before her 19th birthday Rena started wanting a family, she really loved children and knew she would make a much better mom than her mom ever was. Working at a local gas station as a cashier she met someone and he was really cute. This person wasn't from her town and she knew because he never grew up here that he just might fancy her and love her in the way a man should. They went out, and what do you know? This man took Rena to a party where there was lots of beer, Rena may have had an alcohol problem because back then she would drink until she threw up or past out, whichever happened first. The man was really good to Rena though, he took her home and tucked her in without even getting so much as a kiss from her. When Rena woke the next morning she had an awful hangover and thought she should have drank more water before bed after her night of binge drinking. Rena also recalled the man who took her out and wondered if he even liked. This man hadn't tried to have sex with her, he hadn't even tried to kiss her, surely this meant the man wouldn't be stopping by to see her anytime soon.

Little did Rena know, this man was actually a true gentleman and she would fall in love with this man. This man would fall in love with her. They had amazing sex, he supported all of her decisions except her bad habit of smoking cigarettes. They worked together as a team and enjoyed the company of one another. He didn't request too much of her and she accepted his love as is. The two started spending every waking moment together and within just a few months they signed on a lease for a one bedroom apartment together.

That is all I have written as of yet... what do you think? Critique my writing please!