Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fiction Writing Practice: Rena's Story

Little did she know there would be no white picket fence to hold her kids in the yard. No medium sized house with four bedrooms to host her three children in their own private quarters. There would be no fairytale happily ever after, but what there would be she would have never dreamed up.

Rena was a girl who loved everyone. Outgoing, bubbling, hard working and a high school graduate. The desire to continue her education beyond high school in a college wasn't strong enough to set her off on the path of college but rather on a path of life. While growing up Rena could do nothing but crtique the parenting of her mother. The strained relationship between the two of them must have been derived from being the child of a teen mother. Rena never understood why she didn't feel loved by her mother in the way she saw her friends being loved by their mothers. Rena had a little brother with whom she spent most of her time with, this little brother was a tag along annoyance, in her opinion. Mom was always busy working and going out on dates to be home to tend to the needs of REna and her brother, which left the child bearing up to Rena who was only a few years older than her brother. Being taught the responsiblity of a part time parent and full time student was one that Rena learned early enough to avoid the idea of ever getting pregnant as a teen.

Education was high on the priority list and so Rena would put her head into her high school studies all the way through until senior year when she was so sick of the constant battle of being a pretty girl in school. Rena was just another girl in school but it seemed the boys thought she was gorgeous and the girls were jealous. Being called a slut, a whore and a bitch among other names were a common factor in Rena's daily life at school. It's no wonder Rena couldn't wait to get out of that school. Senior year came along and Rena started drinking more, smoking marijuana and hanging with the "bad crowd" that was either full of high school drop outs or men much too old to even be considered a real friend of Rena's. These older men fashioned Rena and constantly provided beer so that Rena could get lost in the buzzed feeling while having the men take turns having sex with her. These men didn't seem to give two shits about Rena, all they cared about was getting laid. Rena learned that love came through physical contact, even when she said NO, they continued and eventually this NO means YES idea came to be something that turned Rena on as an adult and led her down a few years of life where sex meant love and the rougher the sex the more love she felt.

Graduating high school and receiving a ton of money from her immediate and extended family members allowed Rena to go into a downward spiral full of drinking and marijuana. No one could speak to Rena, she had gone so angry and so withdrawn from reality that all she cared about was herself, her beer and her so called friends. These friends taught Rena to do what is called a pump-n-run, which is when you pull up to a gas station, pump gas and drive off as fast as possible. Pump-n-run's became something most high school and bad young adults did as a way to get away with breaking the law. It was an adrenaline rush for Rena and thank goodness one time she was caught by a police officer and had to march her butt back to the gas station to pay the clerk properly and submit an apology letter. Ths taught Rena that maybe, just maybe her life wasn't going in the direction she had dreamed of as a little girl. That thought only kept Rena at bay for a moment, she removed the crazy thought that she may be in a downward spiral and continued on with life attempting to hold onto the job she had in high school as an office clerk.

To be continued....