Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fiction Writing Practice: All Moved In

All moved into a new place and it was 11 o’clock at night, no way were we going to attempt to get the upstairs ready for children to sleep. The first night was spent sharing a queen size bed and a full size bed between the five of us. Kids were exhausted, couldn’t believe that my youngest fell asleep before them all. I lost my four year old’s new meds in one of the million boxes we packed.

We had a plan, well I did at least, we would successfully pack every room up one at a time and label the boxes. When the boxes went into the new house I would then place each labeled box in the appropriate room. What was I thinking with that plan?! Needless to say the plan didn’t work out, we ended up having four adults shoving random shit into boxes and then piling it high in the u-haul. Moving is actually kind of fun for me, I mean the lack of internet connection certainly sucked but it’s the price you pay when you move to a location we have moved to.

Satellite internet will be our only option out here and we picked a pretty decent plan. The cost is slightly more than what I was paying with my Comcast high speed but will suffice. I am happy to have more space and I am happy to see the first day my children were running, playing and enjoying the new place. Our family needed a fresh start, after the divorce things were awesome for me, I felt happy the kids were happy and well apparently we just weren’t two people meant to raise our family apart because something brought us back together.

This is a new place, a new beginning for another chapter in our lives as a family. I am excited, nervous and happy all at once. Emotions have run wild and as soon as all of the boxes are unpacked and I find all my things I will add settled to the emotions I am feeling.