Thursday, October 13, 2011

And Then I Said S%^& ... Oops

I am not a huge foul language person but I do swear from time to time. It seems when I am at my most overwhelmed moment I swear, a lot. Usually the F bomb comes out of my mouth and people who don't know me give me this look. As if these people can't believe that little old me just said the F word.  My sister and my father know better, they have seen me at my worse and I have dropped enough F bombs to make my father wish I was a child again and he could spank me I swear. Dad and I get along great but he isn't too into this F bomb person I get into when wound right up.

So one day my daughter had a sleep over and she was being her normal dramatic, arguing and being ridiculous with me self when I said a sentence with the word shit in it. Now I don't recall the sentence but I know it had something to do with "cut the shit" because I was about fed up with the debating back n forth with me. Enough. I spoke my peace child now listen.

What I forgot about is that my daughter had a couple friends over when I said this. It just sort of came out of my mouth, spewing out. The word shit isn't as bad to me as the F bomb but it's no way to speak to a child, especially one I love dearly. I am not that swearing parent, even though I do swear around my daughter because she will not repeat a word of it, I shouldn't swear AT my daughter.

Growing up I learned that swearing is something uneducated people do and I firmly believe that, however, I am educated, highly educated and so the shit word had no reason to come out of this educated mouth, right? Well ... I don't know, we say things when we get overwhelmed and all we can do is apologize for the mistake and move forward.

What I noticed when I said the word shit is that one of my daughter's friends jaw almost dropped. I don't know if it's because her parents totally rock and NEVER EVER swear OR if she just didn't expect me to use such a word. Whatever the reason I realized almost instantly that I just swore and that this child apparently didn't know what to do. My daughter and her other friend on the other hand were totally okay with the word shit, I mean after all it wasn't the F bomb. The F bomb around here gets you in trouble with the "bad word police" as my daughter likes to call herself and so I refrain from that word as often as possible.

So ... another lesson learned in parenting; get better vocabulary for dealing with high stress moments because the word shit shocks some children.